Bath Salts Gift Basket


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Our quality Bath Salts Gift Basket bear a decadent tub experience.  Sea salts soften tap water while essential oils and botanical extracts create a relaxing atmosphere. As you soak and unwind, warm water vapors deliver therapeutic benefits, and the stress from a busy day melt away!

 Our quality citrus oil spray help to neutralise acid in your body and stimulate the immune system to fight infections.  They also have uplifting, invigorating and anti-depressant qualities!  

Our Lavender Sachet will leave any room or space fresh and beautiful!  

Relax with our quality tea at the end of a busy day!  Don’t forget to LIKE US on faceBook!

A unique aromatherapy gift basket with stress release bath salts, aromatherapy spray, lavender sachet and tea.  Perfect for any occasion!

*Disclaimer: Please remember that anything discussed here does not
constitute medical advice and cannot substitute for appropriate medical care. Where essential oils are mentioned, it’s recommended you use only pure, unadulterated therapeutic grade essential oils and follow the safety directions of the manufacturer.

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