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Take a Soak in Bath Salts

Bath Salt Benefits

Bath salt benefits are relaxing and therapeutic!  Start the practice of detoxification bathing right away!

The simplicity of bathing in aromatic salts and warm water is a cleansing ritual that has the potential to both improve your body’s elimination pathways and help resolve two very serious nutritional deficiencies. For this reason alone, if you are going to choose a single holistic bathing therapy to incorporate into your weekly routine, a relaxing soak or two in aromatic salt bath is definitely IT!

The human body requires sufficient magnesium for every single biological function to be performed effectively. This is true also for proper detoxification to occur. According to Natasha Campbell-McBride MD, author of the best selling GAPS Diet book, a minimum of twenty-eight molecules of magnesium is necessary to metabolize a single molecule of glucose. In addition, phosphate ingested via phosphoric acid and similar substances deliberately added to soda, hot dogs, and other processed foods to sharpen flavor, render bio-available magnesium difficult to metabolize as the phosphorus binds it up into the compound magnesium phosphate.

Thus, those consuming a modern high sugar, high processed foods diet are particularly prone to the devastating effects of magnesium deficiency which most typically manifests as symptoms of sleeplessness, tics, muscle spasms, leg cramping, seizures, anxiety, and/or irregular heart rhythms.

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